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২০০ টিরও বেশি Composition বা Essay লিখুন মাত্র ৪ টি Composition বা Essay শিখে

অনেক সময় বিভিন্ন পরীক্ষায় দেখা যায় Composition কমন পরেনা। তখন নিচের পদ্ধতিগুলো অনুসরন করে লিখে ফেলুন যেকোনো ধরনে Composition. আশা করি ফোল মার্ক না পান অত্যতন্ত ৬০-৭০% মার্ক পাবেন।

Composition লেখার নিয়ম:

(………..) ডট ডট এর জাগায় আপনে যে Composition লিখবেন তার নাম দিবেন।

→তো চলুন দেখে নেই যে ৪ টি Composition শিখলে 200 টিরও বেশি Composition লিখা যায়।

Composition এর নাম সমুহ:-

01.Value of time
04.Honest Intention
05.Good manners
08.Dignity of labor

Introduction: Everybody intends to be successful in life. This success depends much on———–.it is a great virtue. it brings prosperity in is an ornament of human life and key to success.

significance: The importance of——-beggars description. it is very important in every lifestyle. To lead a sound life it is a must. it is one of the best virtues of men and the absence of it makes a man forlorn and unhappy in life. we should bear in mind that if we develop this virtue, we would be successful in life. history inspires us to develop this virtue. because the life and activities of all great men in the world are associated with this virtue. we can conquer everything in this world by developing this quality.
In student life. We know that student life is the best period of a man’s life. it is called the sowing season of life. During this period, a student must cultivate some good qualities for a bright future. This quality is one of them.

Sufferings: The man who does not achieve this virtue becomes a curse to himself and to his family as well as to society. He leads a very miserable life. His life becomes full of sorrows and sufferings. He always lags behind and suffers, in the long run, .in a word, the consequence of not acquiring this virtue is beyond description. People do not love and respect him.on the other hand, he is praised and respected by All if he develops this great virtue.

Conclusion: In the end, it can be said that the secret of success in life lies in the proper development of this quality. without maintaining this quality, our life becomes a life full of suffering. Therefore, we all should develop this virtue to be great in life.

—-Problem Related Composition—

Composition এর নাম সমুহ:-

01.Population problem
02. Food problem
03. Dowry problem
04. unemployment Problem
05. Traffic jam
06.Load shedding
07. Natural Disaster
08.Greenhouse effect
09.The dangers of Drug addiction
10.Price hike

→→→Bangladesh is a very small country. There are many problems in our country. Some of them are big and some of them are small. Some of them are Preventable and some of them are unpreventable. But the problem is a problem. It may be Different only. Such as(Composition name. ). and so on. (Composition name) is one of the greatest Problems in our country. There are various causes of it. Firstly, most of the people of our country are uneducated. They are not conscious about the problem, Secondly, we are usually backward thirdly, our government is also responsible for this vital problem. Fourthly We are not economically self-sufficient and our countries is developing country, so we have faced this momentous problem. Finally it is our Political unrest which is responsible for this problem.

Nowadays (Composition name ) is a burning question in the third world countries like ours we can not lead a normal life for this problem. Day by day it is going out of control. though everybody feels the problem in our country but no body takes proper steps to remove it, we should realize that it spoils the peace in our normal life.

But this problem is not out of solution. it can be solved if we try to best in our ability proper steps should be taken to solve it. A government or a man can not solve (Composition name)by himself
so, we should all work hard together to solve this problem. it is not only our national problem but also a worldwide problem. we can easily realize about the effect of it.we hope,we will be able to overcome (Composition name) in the days to come.

Every Conscious citizen of the country should help the government to solve this problem. the problem should be solved as soon as possible to buil up our Dear mother land

——-Science related composition——-

01.Wonders of modern science
02. blessing of science
04. Internet
05. Electricity
08.Digital Bangladesh

Introduction : We live in an age of science. Modern age is an age of science. Modern civilization is the reflection of (Composition name ). it is a blessing to mankind. we can see the wonders of science around us. (Composition name) has made our life easy and comfortable. The invention of science such as Telephone,Computer, internet,Radio,Dish antenna, etc are very ussful to our life.we cannot think of our life with out——-.

Discription :——–(Name) is one of the wonders of modern science. it is a popular means of mass communication. it provides us many many things. it has linked up the distant parts of the world. we cannot even think of our modern life without it.

Importance/Merits : The importance of ——-beggers description.
it is a great source of entertainment too.Nowadays it is very popular to all classes of people. we can know instantly what is happening in the farthest corner of the world though has made the world smaller. it has made our life easy and comfortable. we feel the blessing of it all around us.It has conquered time and distance. we can know the social, political, cultural and economic news of the world through it sometimes it may be used as a part of education.

Demirits :In spite of having a lot of merits, ——-has some demirits too.sometimes students become addicted to it. that hampers their studies. besides, it may also hamper the moral character of the younger
Conclusion :In the long run,some inventions of science have changed our world. The invention of ——-is one of them. it is the media of communication that has spread out all over the world.
Thus, the utilization,and popularly of it are increasing day by day. The benifits of it have to be reached to the door of people

——–Journey Related ——–

01.Recently i have enjoyed journey
02.A journey by bus
03.A journey by Train
04.A journey by boat

Introduction: Journey is a great source of pleasure to me.i had a great fascination to make —— the last month, I got am opportunity to make the journey. it was really an interesting journey.

Occasion: I live in Chittagong. My uncle is a service holder.his work place is Dhaka. He invited me to come to see his family and Dhaka city.My school was closed then. Therefore,I accepted the invitation. my heart was leaping with joy. because, my dream was going to be true. I was counting the days for making the journey. The destination was Dhaka.

Beginning journey: On the fixed day, I started my journey in the morning. I collected ticket two days before so that i could get better seat. my seat was by the window.

Discription:- The——Was running at a good speed and soon it left behind the din and bustle of the town. i enjoyed the green fields trees and orchards on the both sides of the way. The —–was moving ahead leaving behind the trees, fields houses,and small shops on the both sides of the road. it was very delightful to see the beauties of nature. about three hours later, our —–stopped for some time. some hawkers were selling bananas, muri,chanachur,etc.I bought some bananas. Then our —–started to run again.I reached the destination in the evening.

Conclusion: To tell the truth, I finished a colorful lesson in my life through such kind of an interesting journey. The journey was very pleasant. it was one of the most memorable days of my life. I shall never forget the day.

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