2024 Festival Date & Time in India | त्योहारों की सूची

2024 Festival Date & Time in India: Festivals are vibrant expressions of culture, steeped in tradition and revered around the world. These joyous occasions bring people together, cross boundaries and foster a sense of community. Whether religious, seasonal or cultural, festivals provide a break from routine and moments of celebration and reflection. [ 2024 Festival Date & Time in India | त्योहारों की सूची ]

In their various forms, the festivals showcase the richness of diversity featuring colourful rituals, music, dance and culinary delicacies. They are reminders of heritage passed down through generations and provide opportunities for individuals to connect with their roots. [ 2024 Festival Date & Time in India | त्योहारों की सूची ]

Beyond the fun, festivals often hold deeper meanings. They may indicate the triumph of good over evil, the changing seasons, or an expression of gratitude. Regardless of their origin, festivals have the universal power to lift spirits, strengthen bonds, and create lasting memories. [ 2024 Festival Date & Time in India | त्योहारों की सूची ]

In a fast-paced world, festivals serve as anchors, inspiring us to pause, come together with loved ones, and appreciate the shared human experience. Be it the excitement of Carnival in Rio, the spiritual excitement of Diwali in India, or the community feasts of Thanksgiving, festivals weave a web of shared joy and cultural identity. [ 2024 Festival Date & Time in India | त्योहारों की सूची ]

2024 Festival Date & Time in India

List of Festivals January 2024

  • 1st January, Monday, New Year
  • 3rd January, Wednesday, Sarada janma jayanti
  • 5 th January, janma jayanti, Friday, Guru gobinda Janma jayanti
  • 12th January, Friday Swami Vivekananda janma jayanti
  • 15th January, Monday,  Poush Parbon
  • 15th January,     Monday,  Ganga Sagar Snan 
  • 15th January,     Monday,  Makar Sankranti
  • 23rd January,     Tuesday, Netaji Jayanti or Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose Jayanti,
  • 26th January,     Friday,Prajatantra diwas
  • *****     Wednesday, Chandra Grahan
  • *** January,     Monday     Magh Bihu

2024 Festival Date & Time in India | त्योहारों की सूची

List of Festivals February 2024

  • 8th, Thursday, Ratanti Kali puja 
  • 13th February, Tuesday, Ganesh Puja
  • 14th February,   Wednesday, Saraswati Puja
  • 24th February, Saturday, Maghi Purnima
  • 26th February, Monday, Shab e Barat
  • 28th February, Wednesday, Sankat Nashini Puja
  • 29th February, Thursday, Omkar Panchami,/Oscar Panchami
  • *****    Thursday     Surya Grahan
  • *** February,     Tuesday,   Kumbha Sankranti
  • *** February,     Tuesday,   Kumbha Sankranti

List of Festivals March 2024

  • 8th March, Friday, Maha Shivaratri
  • 12th March, Tuesday, Ramkrishna Janma Jayanti
  • 25th March, Monday,  Dol Purnima
  • 26th March, Tuesday,  Holi Utsav
  • 29th March, Tuesday, Good Friday
  • **** March,     Wednesday     Meena Sankranti

List of Festivals April 2024

  • 6th April, Saturday, Baruni Puja
  • 12th April, Friday,  Nil Puja / Neel Puja
  • 13th April, Saturday, Charak Puja Date
  • 14th April, Saturday     Bengali New Year / Pohela Boishakh
  • **** April, Sunday     Solar New Year, Mesha Sankranti
  • 15th April, Monday, Basanti Puja     
  • 16th April, Tuesday, Annapurna Puja
  • 17th April, Wednesday, Rama Navami
  • 17th April, Wednesday, Rama Navami
  • 21th April, Sunday, Mahabir Jayanti
  • 23th April,Tuesday, Hanuman Jayanti

List of Festivals May 2024

  • 8th May, Wednesday, Rabindranath Tagore Jayanti
  • 10th May,Friday, Akshaya Tritiya
  • 23rd April, Thursday, Buddha Purnima
  • 23rd April, Thursday, Gandheswari puja
  • ****,     Tuesday     Vrishabha Sankranti

List of Festivals June 2024

  • 5th June, Wednesday, Falharini Kalika puja
  • 12th June, Wednesday, Jamai Sasthi
  • 16th June, Sunday, Ganga Puja
  • 16th June, Sunday, Dashhara
  • 16th June, Sunday, Ambubachi Start
  • 25th June, Tuesday, Ambubachi End
  • ***  Mithuna Sankranti

List of Festivals July 2024

  • 7th July, Sunday,  Ratha Jatra
  • 9th July, Tuesday, Bipadtarini Brata
  • 13th July, Saturday, Bipadtarini Brata
  • 21st July, Sunday, Guru Purnima
  • 25th July, Thursday, Nag Panchami
  • ***th July,     Monday     Karka Sankranti

List of Festivals August 2024

  • 15th August, Thursday, Jhulan Yatra start
  • 17th August, Saturday, Manasa Puja
  • 19th August, Monday, Rakhi Purnima / Rakhi Bandhan
  • 15tt August, Monday, Jhulan Yatra End
  • 26th August, Monday, Janmashtami
  • ***    Janmashtami *ISKCON
  • 27th August, Tuesday, Nanda Utsav
  • **** August,     Friday     Simha Sankranti

List of Festivals September 2024

  • 7th September, Saturday,  Ganesh Chaturthi
  • 17th September, Tuesday, Vishwakarma Puja
  • *** September,    Monday     Kanya Sankranti,

List of Festivals October 2024

  • 02nd October, Wednesday, Mahalaya
  • **** October,     Monday     Kalparambha, Akal Bodhon
  • 9th October, Wednesday, Durga Sasthi
  • 10th October, Thursday,  Durga Saptami
  • 11th October, Friday, Durga Ashtami
  • 11th October, Friday, Durga Navami
  • 12th October, Saturday,  Vijayadashami
  • 16th October, Wednesday, Lakshmi Puja
  •  29th October, Tuesday,  Dhan Teras
  •  31st October, Thursday, Kali Puja
  • 31th October, Thursday, Dipabali
  • Tula Sankranti

List of Festivals November 2024

  • 03th November, Sunday,  Bhai Phonta
  • 7th November,  Thursday, Chhath Puja
  • 10th November, Sunday, Jagaddhatri Puja
  • 22 th Movember, Friday, Maa Bolla Puja
  • *** November,     Friday     Vrischika Sankranti

List of Festivals December 2024

****     Dhanu Sankranti

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